Digital art is one of my greatest passions & I love to share it with the world! Here you can find my code donations, free downloads and more! If you use anything please credit me & if you need something, you can always contact me. You can read more below.


These brushes are free to download, but a credit to Obsessed would be nice. The brushes are made for Adobe Photoshop. Download them, open Adobe Photoshop > Edit > Presets > Preset Manager > Load to load in the brushes.

Gold Frames

9 brushes

A set of 9 frame brushes, great for layouts. The smallest is 317px & the biggest is 2890px.


5 brushes

A set of 5 text brushes, great for layouts. They are all around 380-400px big.

Old Letters

3 brushes

Beautiful set of old letters, great for layouts. They are all around 1200px high.

Big Masks

2 brushes

Two lace mask brushes, a little smaller than 800px.


6 brushes

A set of 6 lovely birds, great for digital artworks. All are about 500-600px in width.


I really love to make codes for various subjects that I love & donate them to the owners. Here's an overview of donated codes I already made. If you are the owner of one (or more) of these fanlistings, please help yourself to the codes below!

Get yours..


Do you own a fanlisting and/or a collective that's in need of codes for linking back? Ofcourse you can send me a request to make you some! I can make them in the following sizes: 50x50, 75x50, 135x50 & 150x50.

Sometimes I am busy, so it will take up to a week to complete your request. Please keep in mind that you should give me credit on your fanlisting & please send me some pictures of which you would like the codes. Fill in the form on the Contact page to request your codes!