Ever since Baymax first emerged from his charging station, I have been in love with him. During the movie, his relationship with Hiro (Baymax's creator's little brother) grows as Baymax continues to take excellent care of Hiro. He warms him up when he is soaking wet, he grabs him when Hiro almost fell to the ground from a high building and he saves Hiro and the other heroes from drowning. The end made me cry so hard & I knew I had to make this fanlisting!


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Big Hero 6 is an amazing animation for the whole family. It has robots, heroes and a villain. It is a movie about the true goodness and right choices. It is also a movie about painful loss that can be overcome by having great fiends and family.
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 Big Hero 6 Big Hero 6: Baymax Peter Pan Princess & the Frog: Dr. Facilier Song of the Sea The Secret of Kells


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